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Co-writers - Matthew Butler-Hart &  Tori Butler-Hart

Graphic Novel Artist - Ben Lee


INFINITUM started life as a feature length screenplay that is now being developed into a TV series.


The TV pilot script and graphic novel introduce us to an experiment called Project Ostergaard, based on the Many Worlds Theory of Professor Arron Ostergaard, and leads to the discovery of a parallel world. A global embargo is placed on The Paraverse, preventing any government from interfering with it. With huge investment the science and technology advances rapidly and it isn’t long before they are able to transfer holographic images of people into The Paraverse. Much like entering a virtual reality they are able to explore and quickly discover that this parallel world has been at war for over a decade.

The US, UK and Canadian governments seize the opportunity to use this new world to launch a covert operation, The Infinitum Project, headed up by quantum scientists Alastor Casey and Charles Marland-White. They have been conducting research into the human mind seeing infinite possibilities when placed under extreme circumstances and pressure. The theory being that the mind can do extraordinary things in extraordinary situations and the war-torn backdrop of The Paraverse offers the perfect testing ground.

We follow Eve, an undercover British agent who after being injured in the Ukraine is recruited into the P.S.I, Paraverse Secret Intelligence, to work within the intel department, tracking military action within the Eastern quarters of the Paraverse and keeping watch for any feared interception from Chinese and Russian spies.


Meanwhile Alastor and Charles are rigorously testing individuals from high ranks within the US, Canadian and UK secret services. They then hunt down the doppelgangers in the parallel world and a team of military trained Case Watch Agents and psychologists, Case Watch Doctors, track the psychological effects on the test subjects as they are forced into extreme situations and in constant fear for their lives. Unbeknownst to Eve she is being screened for her doppelganger to be a potential test subject.


The pilot episode and the graphic novel open with Number 7, Eve’s doppelganger being chased down and shot. The scenario then repeats itself, causing her more anxiety and displacement. Cut back to our own world and Eve is feeling the repercussions of Number 7’s ordeal. Jump back eight years to the first glimpse of the parallel world and to the first test subject. A glitch in the system while Number 1 is being tracked, leads to a build-up of negative mass between the worlds and creates an accidental time loop. Charles and Alastor see this as an opportunity to advance their studies even further and develop the Kairos Generator, enabling them to place subjects in a controllable twelve hour time loop.

The pilot and graphic novel finish with Joan, a young woman who has been sectioned in a psychiatric ward. She is clearly very stressed and disorientated as she cries out to her unseen assailants. . Back in the lab Charles gives the order to shut the test subject down and move on to the next. Alastor is left questioning the moral implications of human testing without consent, while unaware of the true ramifications the experiment is having on the people in this world.

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